Putting my “banks’ money” where my mouth is!

You might be thinking this is just another marketing pitch from someone who works there to try and get us to use their service. I don’t blame you, I also roll my eyes when I see advertisements telling me why their service is better than the service I already have a good relationship with. I chose to go this way as I do work in the industry, it was time for me to put my “ banks’ money” where my mouth was. I didn’t really have any expectations when I did and I only decided to write this after my experience.

So we proceeded to apply for our bond using O-YES Home Loans. My partner has a limited amount of patience for these kinds of services and doesn’t want to be bothered by people to complete forms, ideally he wanted to apply directly through his bank. I managed to talk him out of this and told him how it was a case of only completing one application, and the origination system then submitted it to as many banks as we wanted.

Considering we both had an excellent credit rating we should definitely take the opportunity to have a look at multiple offers, besides, the application had to go to my bank first anyway, so there was ample time for them to respond before the application is then submitted to the other banks.

Being able to watch the process live I can confirm that our bank was the first to get the submission, interestingly they weren’t the first to respond in spite of having more time than the other banks, they weren’t even 2nd or 3rd. They only responded a number of weeks later, which would have meant we didn’t meet the guarantees of our offer, and we could have lost the property as a result! Not only that, they didn’t come close to giving us a good rate like the other banks had. Luckily we had two very good offers from two other banks, one better than the other. So we made a decision which saved us a lot of money on repayments.

A number of weeks later my partner spoke to someone at our bank, who then came back with an offer that matched the one we had gone with, but we are now reluctant to change to our bank as they only seemed to show an interest after the fact.

So, I took the advice that we give our clients, and I can honestly say that I am glad we did. I don’t recommend you use O-YES Home Loans as an employee, but rather as a very happy client.

What was the advantage? 

Well, I didn’t get this level of service for free because I am a staff member, I got this level of service free of charge because that’s the way we work. We don’t charge our clients!

Not only that, the professional service means that our consideration was motivated correctly so the banks looked at our application above others, a service you would only get from your consultant.

If you still doubt that I am just saying this because I work here, then I challenge you to put us to the test.