Application Terms of Use

Application Terms of Use

In these Terms of Use (‘Terms’) we refer to:

  • O-Yes Home Loans as ‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘us’;
  • our Home Loans App as ‘O-Yes App’;
  • any person accessing this O-Yes Home Loans App as ‘you’ or ‘your’.


1. Terms

Your use of this O-Yes App is subject to these Terms and by accessing the O-Yes App you agree to be bound by them. Our products and services are subject to separate terms and conditions which govern their provision and use.

We may change these Terms at any time and when we change these Terms we will notify you of the change when you next start the O-Yes App, by displaying the changed Terms on the screen and you will be required to read and accept such Terms to continue your use of the O-Yes App.

2. Our partner’s services

The O-Yes App is a property search and information service that also provides a range of calculator applications.

We make the O-Yes App available to you and, where the O-Yes App provides property information (including property valuations), such information is supplied by HOMEFIND 24 (PROPRIETARY) LIMITED, trading as PROPERTY24, Registration Number: 2008/019235/07 (‘Property 24’), a property website and our commercial partner.

The property values provided by Property 24 are estimates, for information purposes only and should be used solely as a starting point for determining what a property may be worth. We advise you to seek guidance from a property expert before making decisions as there may be factors, not included in these estimates, which could significantly affect the true value of the property.

The properties displayed in this O-Yes App may not be suitable as security for a Mortgage Loan with us or any other lender. You agree that any property offered as security for an Mortgage Loan will be subject to valuation by an acceptable Valuer when you apply for a Mortgage Loan.

The calculator applications in the O-Yes App provide interest rates and repayment amounts for illustration purposes only and should not be used for any other purpose. The interest rates and repayment amounts available when you apply for a Mortgage Loan, with us or any other lender, may differ from those displayed in the O-Yes App. You agree that your application for a Mortgage Loan with us may be declined if you do not meet our standard credit lending criteria.

The information in the O-Yes App is not intended to provide investment, legal, tax or other advice and must not be relied on when making an investment or other decision. Always seek guidance regarding any information in this O-Yes App, from a suitably qualified professional, before making any investment or other decision.

Where we provide hypertext links to Property 24 internet websites, such links are not an endorsement by us of any products or services in such website and we have not verified the truth or accuracy of any content of such websites. You use such links entirely at your own risk and we accept no responsibility or liability for the content, use or availability of such websites.

3. Use of and access to this O-Yes App

Before you can use the O-Yes App you will need to download it from the relevant app store. Once downloaded, you will then be able to access the functionality and features of the O-Yes App.

The information provided in this O-Yes App is for your personal, non-commercial, use only. You may not transmit, modify, copy or make commercial use of the O-Yes App or any part of it without our prior permission.

You may download and/or print out all or part of the O-Yes App for your own personal, non-commercial use.

While we try to ensure that access to the O-Yes App is always available, from time to time we may modify, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the O-Yes App or any part of it, without notice. You acknowledge and accept that the O-Yes App or any part of it may not be available at all times.

We may also, in our sole discretion, terminate or restrict your access to or your use of this O-Yes App for any reason including, but not limited to, where we consider that you have not acted in accordance with these Terms.

4. Sharing content with Third Parties

Certain pages on the O-Yes App allow you to share content via your O-Yes App with third parties, including estate agents. When you share content in this manner you also become subject to terms, conditions and policies of such third parties.

We accept no responsibility for the information you disclose to such third parties. The third parties are solely responsible for their services and their terms and conditions will apply.

5. Privacy

You may access most areas of the O-Yes App without registering your details with us and without us recording any of your personal information; however certain areas of the O-Yes App may require you to register. If you submit an application to have access to these areas, you are indicating that you have read our PrivacyPolicy and are willing for us to deal with your data as set out in that policy.

You agree that Property 24 may have access to your information only for the purposes of this O-Yes App.
Any information you enter into this O-Yes App, including to Property 24 through this O-Yes App, will be stored on your mobile or similar device unless we tell you otherwise, including your financial information or information about the type of properties you are searching for.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the device you use to access the O-Yes App is secured with a passcode to avoid unauthorised use in the case of loss/theft of such device.

6. Internet communications

We reserve the right to monitor all email traffic into and out of this App for the purposes of security, ensuring compliance with these Terms and detecting fraud and other crimes.

7. International access to the O-Yes App

You may access the O-Yes App and make contact with Property 24 or estate agents from outside the borders of South Africa. Any information you enter into this O-Yes App, including to Property 24 or estate agents through this O-Yes App, may be accessible to overseas regulators and authorities in connection with their legitimate duties (e.g. the prevention of crime). When you provide your information in the O-Yes App, including to Property 24 or estate agents through this O-Yes App, you agree that such information, including information that you submit, to Property 24 or the estate agent, on behalf of anyone else about whom you provide details, may be accessible to overseas regulators and authorities.

8. Location Data

You may access most areas of the O-Yes App without using your location data sent from your mobile device or similar device; however, certain areas of the O-Yes App may require you to use this functionality.

If you use such functionality, you are indicating that you consent to the transmission, collection, maintenance, processing and use of your location data and queries by us, our partners and our licensees, to provide and improve location-based products and services.

9. Technical details

You should only use this O-Yes App on a smartphone, tablet or similar device for which it was intended. The O-Yes App currently works with Android 2.3 or later versions. Earlier or other operating systems are not supported. We may change the version of the operating system that the O-Yes App works with at any time.

By using this O-Yes App on a smartphone, tablet or similar device, you may need to upgrade such device from time to time to continue to access this O-Yes App.

We do not charge for the use of this O-Yes App, however, your standard mobile network rates will apply for your use of this O-Yes App.

10. Intellectual Property Rights

Unless otherwise provided, we are the owner or licensee of all copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in and to the O-Yes App.

We do not grant you any licence or right to use any of our trademarks or other intellectual property on this O-Yes App by virtue of your use of or access to the O-Yes App.

11. Limits to our responsibilities

Although we have taken all reasonable care to ensure that the information provided on this O-Yes App is accurate, we give no warranties with regard to the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of any information.

We accept no liability arising out of, or in connection with your use of, or inability to use, the O-Yes App, or in connection with any error, omission, defect, computer virus or system failure, or in connection with the access of, use of, performance of, browsing in or linking to other websites from this O-Yes App.

12. Certificates

A certificate provided by the administrator maintaining our digital content is sufficient evidence of the version of the content as at a stated date and time.

13. Governing law

The laws of South Africa govern these Terms and you agree that the South African courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to determine any matter or dispute in connection with or arising out of this Site.

14. General provisions

If we do not always use all our rights it does not mean that we have given them up.

You accept that we use cookies (text files containing small amounts of information which your computer or mobile device downloads when you visit a website) on this O-Yes App.

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