Select a calculator below to quickly see what costs are involved when buying a property, how much you qualify for, and how much you can save by paying a little more in to your bond every month.

Bond Repayment Calculator

Insert the price of the property you wish to purchase and we will calculate how much your total monthly repayment amount will be.

Bond and Transfer Costs Calculator

Calculate your bond registration and property transfer costs.

Affordability Calculator

Calculate the home loan you qualify for and how much you can expect to pay monthly on your bond repayments.

Deposit Saving Calculator

Calculate how much you need to save and for how long, in order to pay a deposit on your dream home.

Additional Payment Calculator

Calculate your savings on your total home loan cost by paying a little extra into your bond.

Home Loan Amortisation Calculator

Calculate what percentage of your payment goes towards paying off your bond and what percentage goes towards interest.

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