Private bankers vs bond originators for home finance

Is applying for a home loan through your private banker the best option, when you have an alternative with bond originators? We examine the pros and cons.

Article summary

  • Private bankers are the first port of call for many homebuyers, but their priority is to get a deal that’s good for their bank, not necessarily for you.
  • A bond originator can apply to multiple banks on your behalf and then negotiate with the banks to ensure you get the best rate.
  • A bond originator gets paid a commission by the banks, so their service is completely free to the home buyer.

Homebuyers have a lot more options available to them now than they did in the old days. No longer are you reliant on your private banker (or previously, the bank manager) for home loan approval? Better yet, no longer do you have to go through the rigorous process of applying separately for a home loan to all the major banks. You can get a professional to do it for you with only one application. That’s where a bond originator comes in.

Private banking versus a bond originator

No doubt many prefer the familiarity of applying through their private banker, with who they may already have a relationship with. Furthermore, if you act directly through your bank, you may assume that they will also be able to assist you more efficiently in any future issues you may have with the home loan.

On the other hand:

  • Your private banker’s first priority is to get the best deal for their bank.
  • If the application is rejected, you’ll have to apply to a different bank or wait until circumstances between you and your bank change. In the meantime, you may lose out on your dream home.

Fortunately, you have alternatives, in the form of a bond originator. A bond originator can streamline the home application process and deal with all the banks on your behalf. Although they have a good relationship with all the major banks, they are not beholden to one particular bank; their objective is to get the best deal for you.

Advantages of using a bond originator include:

  • They will help you prepare a single application, and submit it to multiple banks on your behalf. Since the lending criteria varies among banks, you may have a higher chance of securing bond approval with certain banks, and some may even provide you with a more favourable interest rate.
  • They will help you gather all the necessary documents.
  • They can advise you on how to clear your credit record, which improves your chances of securing home loan approval.
  • They can get you prequalified, which means they assess your chances of qualifying for a home loan, and provide you with a solid idea of what you can afford.
  • Help you formulate a plan for applying again if your home loan application gets rejected.

A bond originator boosts your chance of success

While you may have a good relationship with your private banker, statistics show that using a bond originator like O-YES Home Loans increases your likelihood of getting a home loan.

Their service is free

A bond originator doesn’t get paid by you, they get paid by the banks. They‘ll provide you with multiple quotes from the banks, but once a home loan is approved, they receive a commission from the bank for a successful deal, rather than charging the client.

All of these factors contribute to a higher success rate, as well as a smoother home loan application process. To make the home-buying process that much easier, O-YES Home Loans also offers a range of home loan calculators to help make the home-buying process easier. Get prequalified for a home loan with O-YES Home Loans, then, when you’re ready, you can apply for a home loan with O-YES Home Loans.