Are you getting the best home loan rate if you’re only applying to your bank?

You may be a loyal customer and believe that as such you’ll be offered the best home loan rate by your bank. But how can you be sure?

You may believe that long-standing customers get preferential treatment and therefore assume that you will get a good rate by only going directly to your own bank. But how do you know you’ve got the best offer if you don’t spread the net a bit wider to compare?

When you’re applying for a home loan, it’s important to secure the best rate possible. Just think, a 0,25% rate cut can save you nearly R40 000 on a R1 million home loan over 20 years! The only way to secure the best rate is to invite several banks to quote, and to compare quotes.

Let O-YES Home Loans submit your application to all the leading banks, including your own. Even if your bank does offer you the best deal, at least you’ll know you have it! And if allowing the banks to compete for your home loan provides you with more favourable terms, even better!

When you apply for a home loan through O-YES, you get access to our home loan comparison service, allowing you to choose the best deal on your home loan.