Getting it right, first time

An O-YES Consultant takes pride in his/her professionalism and would never prejudice service delivery to the homebuyer, lead provider or the banks by submitting an application to a bank/s without the required relevant bank’s minimum document requirements to support the application, which has been verified to the information captured.

An O-YES Consultant appreciates that an expectation is raised with the homebuyer and the lead provider that once an application is submitted to the bank, there will be a favourable outcome.

By submitting an incomplete application there is no possibility of a favourable outcome.

Ultimately, submitting an incomplete application to a bank will only result in an unnecessary delay in securing a successful decision.

An O-YES Consultant would never set themselves, the homebuyer and the property transaction up for failure by submitting an incomplete application to a bank.

When screening your application to ensure that you are meeting the relevant bank’s mandatory documentary requirements, be careful that you are not submitting incomplete supporting documents such as:

  • Outdated Payslips
  • Bank statements that don’t run consecutively
  • Less than 6 months proof of variable income earners remuneration
  • Outdated/ incomplete set of Financial statements for self-employed applicants
  • IDX Consent document that is not fully complete or signed by the applicant

An O-YES Consultant always refers to the document vault and the Bank Credit guidelines knowing that this document provides a concise summary of each bank’s minimum documentary requirements for each applicant type.